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About Us


Why Motivated. Why now.

Cutting edge managed security reduces risk and helps eliminate loss.
We know because Motivated Security Services, Inc.® is a second-generation, family-owned business with extensive experience in the security field. Founded in 1969 by Daniel E. Kavanaugh, Jr., we are a company that solves problems with top leadership, programs, and an excellent record in all areas of practice.

Superior, professional, hands-on, on-site management team.
Our people are the keys to our success, and are identified and hired based on demanding criteria and extraordinary qualities. Our organizational structure is designed to provide customers with specifically trained experts who are familiar with the needs of each industry and business.

What Our Clients Say

  • “Motivated Security’s attention to detail, management response and attentiveness to our needs really separates them from their competitors.”

    D. Aneiro, NYC Economic Development Corp. (Client Since 2008)NYC Economic Development Corp
  • “The changeover was so seamless. I did not even realize that a change in security took place until Motivated Security called me hours after they commenced service at my facility. Their planning and execution of the changeover was organized, efficient and detailed.”

    P. Nicholson, Marino Ware (Client Since 2008)Marino Ware
  • “Motivated Security’s ability to provide the required services exceeded our expectations. Their ability to build the customer relationship, level of professionalism and commitment to exceptional customer service are some of the key reasons we continue to use their services.”

    B. Washington-Gilliard, Met Life (Client Since 1990)Met Life
  • “I feel so invested in Motivated Security. They know me and what I want. I’ve told their competitors that if they gave me their service for free, I would not make a change. Motivated Security is my most important vendor.”

    G. Zlotnick – Wolfson Group (Client Since 2005)Wolfson Group Inc.